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Day Job

AKA: Things I've created between the hours of 6am & midnight.

I’ve spent the past decade of my professional career squeezing opportunities to be totally creative as if they were sweet magic lemons in the middle of a barren desert. For anyone who works the majority of his or her day in production, you know as well as I that creative opportunities for redesign, concepting and brainstorming offer a much needed break from the proverbial assembly line. The following are just a handful of those sweet magic lemons.

Zeon Solutions | Perficient

March.2013 - present

I collaborate closely with prospective clients, current customers and all facets of our internal business to develop various types of eBusiness strategies. I then execute and maintain creative through the entire lifecycle of the project. I also collaborate with Marketing specifically to develop, execute and maintain a strong company brand presence for internal projects and campaigns.

Kohl's |

May.2010 - March.2013

I design for the concept team: from special sale takeovers and customized homepages, to department trend features and seasonal style guides.


Aug.2004 - May.2010

Yellow Pages: carefully compartmentalizing entire businesses into a tiny space for over 100 years.

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